Loud, Fast and Reliable performance cars are our specialty

  • We stock a variety of aftermarket parts and accessories along with OEM parts for many popular Honda/Acura, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi applications.
  • Pre purchase inspections, general maintenance, and aftermarket parts installations such as coilover suspension, catback exhaust or gauges. Our shop rate is $110 per hour unless otherwise quoted.
  • Full builds, engine swaps and custom turbo upgrades are just a few of the bigger projects we are equipped to take on. We have space available in our 3 bay shop and fenced compound to manage and store multiple long term projects
  • Wiring services available in house include: diagnostic, simple repair, standalone installs and full restrings along with new harnesses. We also sell Rywire, Wiring Specialties and other pre made solutions.
  • Fender rolling to fit aggressive wheels and body modifications for overfenders. Our Eastwood roller is also available to rent for $25.00
  • Dyno baselines and tuning of cars and trucks on our Dynocom 15000FX AWD dyno starting at $150
  • Tube fronts and super angle kits for drift cars, intercooler piping, roll cages and custom fabrication as needed.
  • Fuel system upgrades and set up for EFI and carborated vehicles.
  • Engine building, in house assembly with precision measurement equipment.
  • Roll cage fabrication.
  • Tig welding, both aluminum and stainless steel, from custom built inter-coolers to full stainless exhausts.

When it comes to other specialty services such as one off cNc parts, turbo balancing & rebuilding, dyno tuning, shock rebuilding, automotive painting and audio installs, we have a great network of skilled tradespeople who assist us in creating exactly what our customer wants.

cutting stainless pipe

Starting from scratch

Precision 6260 turbo

Turbo upgrades

Shawn welding

Some in-house fabrication

fuel system

Fuel upgrades

Aric's IS300

Aric’s IS300

Supra on the dyno

Dyno tuning