“Hey, Just wanted to say thank you again. Normally when I put my car in the shop I feel like I’m rolling a dice. Sometimes it will fix my problems and sometimes it won’t. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier. My car is driving like its brand new. It’s cornering like never before and well let’s be honest, finally ‘has’ brakes. The daily clicking in the brakes is gone and it no longer bounces when going over bumps. I can’t wait to get more stuff done. Hopefully soon, though probably spring. I’ve been ranting and raving how awesome you guys are. Thank you so much again. Hope to see you guys soon.”
– James

“Hi Calle, Sending you this email to tell you how impressed I am with the work that you did on my CRX.  I spent the weekend driving to Nakusp and back again with still 1/4 left of gas in the tank and it pulled harder than it ever has without any warning lights or hesitation and I drove it HARD!  Again send a Big thanks to your mechanic and let him know he did an Awesome job locating the problem area and ultimately rectifying it!”
– Jason